Blue Lotion Night Treatment


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A soothing and healing overnight treatment to help reddened, inflamed, sensitive, and rosacea-type skin. Helps reduce redness and swelling while calming the skin. Must be refrigerated.


What is it?
Some complexions just need a little extra love and attention. For them, we suggest Blue Lotion – an overnight healing lotion that supports skin resistance against physical and chemical aggressions. Reddened, inflamed, sensitive, and rosacea-type skin will wake up feeling soothed and calmed. Wearing it under overnight masks will help provide the best results and support continued healing.

This product contains live bacterium and must be stored in the refrigerator.  

Full List of Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera gel, Organic Chlorophyll from Alfalfa, Organic Oils of Borage, Organic Evening Primrose, Organic Bifida Ferment Lysate, Organic Ceramides, Organic Vitamin F,  Organic essential oils of lavender, Organic German Chamomile, water, Organic honey, phospholipids, sphingolipids, hyaluronic acid

Product Benefits

  • Calms, heals, & repairs the skin
  • Helps prevent new scars and heal old ones
  • Helps reduce redness (caused by acne and rosacea)
  • Soothes burns, irritated, and sensitive skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Cruelty free & all-natural ingredients

Key Ingredients
aloe vera gel ingredient highlight

Aloe Vera Gel

Scientists have found that the Aloe Vera “gel” is a diverse mixture of antibiotic, astringent, coagulating agent, pain inhibitor, cell growth stimulator and scar inhibitor. The gel appears to contain a “wound hormone” that accelerates healing of injured surfaces. Aloe Vera contains more than 70 essential ingredients including most vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Used externally, many people attest to the effectiveness of Aloe Vera in helping to treat – burns,sunburn, scalds, psoriasis, eczema, acne, stings, scrapes, abrasions, scalp care, cold sores, and bruises.
german (blue) chamomile

German (Blue) Chamomile

Analgesic, anti allergenic, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic, bactericidal, fungicidal, leucocyte stimulant. (Best for skin ailments due to higher content of azulene, all tension and symptom related to, digestion, insomnia, bruises, cuts, menopause, migraine, allergies, joint inflammation- Blue azulene and pure chamomile extracts deeply hydrate, soothe and nourish dry, sensitive skin.
lavender oil ingredient highlight

Lavender Oil

Has well known antibacterial and soothing properties. It is excellent as a preventative acnetreatment that effectively stops future breakouts while clearing the redness often associated with acne prone skin. Physical benefits: Septic, astringent, fungicidal, emollient, anti-inflammatory. It maintains healthy skin. Lavender’s gentle yet powerful healing properties (allow it to be used for burns and insect bites.) Acne, blemishes, Boils, Bruises, Burns, Eczema,Psoriasis, Ring worm, scars, skin infections, Sunburn
How to Use

Night Routine

Use after cleansing but before masking during evening skincare routine. Product must be kept refrigerated.

    1. Squeeze 1 dropper into clean hands.
    2. Massage thoroughly onto face.
    3. Follow with night masque and let completely dry.
    4. Return blue lotion to the refrigerator.
    5. Remove in the morning with cleansing system.

Additional information


Full Size, Travel Size


No Additives, Skin Lightener

3 reviews for Blue Lotion Night Treatment

  1. Farah Alli

    So calming and is already helping my acne scarring and I only just started it. The ingredients are powerful and unique. Definitely recommend!

  2. Sebastian

    I use blue lotion when i get sun burns since im out in the sun alot!! its freaking incredible and its the best smelling product they have by far. its really relaxing to use at night with my renovador OS mask

  3. Jay

    Love this product! It is helped reduce the dark spots on my skin and heal some acne scars. Blue lotion is my favorite

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