Our Products

Our Mission

TS Skin Care’s all natural product line is handmade with love in Winter Park, FL. Our products include key ingredients such as lipids, natural bio-actives, peptides, as well as vitamins, and UV filters. Our mission is to care for the skin with the most natural ingredients that will maintain its health and beauty.

We specialize in treating acneic skin with our unique line that has been specially formulated to treat and soothe the skin without drying it out. In pursuit of this mission we leverage our original formulations and scientific research to craft transformational skin care products.

Our clients come to us for products with superior ingredients, natural potency, impeccable quality, and reliability.

Cleansing System

Proper cleansing twice a day is the most important thing you can do to maintain clear, healthy skin. It cleans the skin and removes the daily accumulation of makeup, impurities, and oils. Your skin type will determine which customized cleansing system your specialist will suggest for you. Our cleansing system consists of:

  • 100% Woven Cotton Wraps
  • Ionic Spritzer or Mineral Freshener
  • Manuka, Carrot, or Rosemary Cleanser

Our 100% woven cotton wraps are used to help stimulate lymphatic drainage, mild daily exfoliation, bring blood flow and nutrients to the surface of the skin, and massage the muscles of the face. We use these specific cotton wraps because they are less absorbent than traditional cotton pads, extending the life of your products.

Our Ionic Spritzer or Mineral Freshener are used to prep the skin for cleansing and to help emulsify our creams. These acidic sprays match the acidity of your skin, rather than using tap water. Skin PH balance is very acidic; it falls between 3.5 – 6. Anything above 7 is alkaline which will strip your skin of oils. Our spritzers combined with our oil based cleansers help to keep the skin’s natural pH balance.

To ensure their potency and efficacy, our products do not contain chemical emulsifiers, chemical fragrances, or perfumes. We do not include these in our formulations, as these are the main causes for irritation and reactions in the skin. This makes our products safe for even the most sensitive skins.

TS Skin Care Routine

Our specialists are more than happy to help introduce any combination of our natural product line into your regimen.

We offer customized morning and evening routines and natural product solutions for:

  • oily/ acne prone skin
  • dry/ acne prone skin
  • dry/normal skin
  • oily/normal skin
  • combination skin
  • anti-aging
  • mature skin
  • hyperpigmentation
  • rosacea and redness

Rosemary ingredient highlight

All Natural and Cruelty Free

Our expertise in skin biology enables us to take scientific findings on the molecular levels and translate them into tangible client benefits in many areas of skin care, including sensitive skin, oil production, anti-aging and improvement of skin barrier function. Our products do not contain parabens or preservatives, chemical emulsifiers or perfumes, and are not tested on animals.

What is a bi'PH'ase cleanser?

A biphase cleanser is a 2 phase cleanser, consisting of cleansing and toning, that nourishes and removes makeup with botanical oils and ionized or mineral water. Bi’PH’ase meaning they are PH balanced to the skin’s natural acidic balance of 5.5.  They contain natural oils such as hazelnut and jojoba oils, as it cleanses, softens, removes makeup and soothes sensitive skin.

Oil Based Cleansers

We only manufacture and use oil based cleansers. Why? Most cleansers on the market strip the skin of natural oils, leaving it unbalanced while causing it to produce more oil to rebalance it. Excess oil and sebum production can fuel breakouts.