If you've tried everything, try TS Skin Care.

Our customized acne treatments will have your breakouts under control. We guarantee our treatments will give you the clearer skin you’ve been searching for in just three steps. We combine the effectiveness of our proprietary all-natural products that are tailored for your skin type, two to four hour treatments, with dietary and lifestyle modifications. 


Step 1.


Our acne treatment leaves your skin free of blackheads, whiteheads, infected pimples & cysts, resulting in smooth, blemish free skin!


Step 2.

TS Skin Care Products

Our botanical product line for acne looks different, feels different, and it works! We guarantee quality products & visible results.

Step 3.


Our holistic approach to skin care includes counseling our clients on dietary choices that promote healthy skin, as diet is the leading cause of acne.

See Our Results

Actual TS Skin Care clients and results. See some of our client before and after transformations below!


At the initial appointment, your skin will be assessed for:

  • oil production and consistency of your sebum
  • type and grade of your acne
  • sensitivity

Your acne specialist will review your health and medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits, and check your existing skin care and makeup products.

The initial appointment will be a 3.5-hour acne treatment consisting of:

  • herbal steaming intervals to open pores and soften congestion
  • extractions
  • soothing and cooling masque

Your specialist will create a treatment plan designed for your skin. A follow-up appointment is scheduled 1-2 weeks after your initial treatment to see how you are responding to the treatments and products. At each appointment your specialist will adjust your treatments and products to help achieve results quickly. After consistent treatments, product usage, and lifestyle modifications, you will see dramatic results.

We require a consultation prior to booking your first appointment to determine the best treatment for your needs.


Products recommended vary depending on a variety of factors, including skin type and acne type. Products consist of a morning and evening routine including:

  • cleansing system
  • toner
  • sun protection
  • moisturizer or spot treatment
  • repair serum
  • night masque

Be prepared to change all your skin care products at the first appointment. Our acne specialists retain strict control over product usage and your skin care regimen in order to reduce the variables that hinder your results.

Our formulas are all-natural and cruelty free. They contain:

No parabens

No chemical preservatives

No chemical emulsifiers

No artificial colors or perfumes


Acne flare-ups are inflammatory responses to foods that are high in processed or hydrogenated fats and highly acidic foods and beverages. While many factors like hormones, stress levels, sleep, etc., contribute to acne, the underlying cause is dietary. To see an improvement in your skin, stop eating cheese, chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, & fast food!

We cannot control many of the factors that contribute to acne, but we can control the foods we eat. When the body is not able to properly metabolize the dietary fats in our diet, they are sent to the largest center of fat metabolism in the body, the skin.


Your specialist will continue to work with you to give you the tools and help you need to pinpoint what is causing your breakouts. Breakouts can be affected by a variety of factors including: lifestyle, hormone imbalance, diet, food sensitivities, environment, and other medical conditions. We are here as your continued support to guide you through your journey to clear skin.

Free Consultation

We offer free consultations in our office or over the phone to speak with one of our specialists to determine the best treatment for your needs, a general treatment plan, and everything you will need to know to book your first appointment.

Complimentary Follow-up

We will schedule a follow-up appointment about 1-2 weeks after your initial treatment to see how you are responding to both the treatment and the products. Your specialist will make the necessary adjustments to your treatment plan or product usage.

Rapid Results Policy

If your aesthetician advises multiple treatments, we offer our Rapid Results discount. This discount can be applied on up to 2 treatments booked within 14 days of your previous treatment at the cost of $130 per treatment. This discount can only be applied towards new clients.


We do not perform acne treatment services without recommended home care products for post treatment use. Our success treating acne and problem skin is the result of our 3 steps working in synergy. If you follow our protocols, you will see marked improvement in the skin.