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Tamahra's Secret Skin Care

Our Story



Tamahra’s Secret Skin Care Products are the result of formulations inherited from Madame Tamahra, a French chemist and cosmetologist famous for her skin care products in Cuba.  She entrusted her secret formulas to the Kent family women.

 Madame Tamahra taught the Kent women how to make the products.  Madame’s products were tackling problem skin long before glycolics and Retin-A existed.

Madame Tamahra was legendary, and the anecdotal stories of her success are still being told.  These secret formulas soothe the skin, making it healthy, bright and luminous.

Gail Interview


Gail Kent is the founder of Tamahra’s Secret. As a young girl in 1961, Gail had the privilege of knowing and watching Madame Tamahra of Cuba make the original products with her mother, Olga Kent. Gail had a dream of doing exactly what she is doing today. Inheriting the original formulations, Gail worked for years to improve the products and created the acne line. She saw that there was a need for the natural treatment of acne. Gail has spent a lifetime studying and researching the use of oils for beauty, herbs and the use of herbs in cosmetics, essential oils and their benefits. Acne was always an interest for her since she saw so many young people afflicted by the condition and no real results in the treatments that were offered.


While in Mexico, Gail had the opportunity to start manufacturing the products and opened a boutique skin care studio (1989) in the exclusive area of Lomas Altas in Mexico City. There she encountered a young girl with a severe case of acne. When examining her skin, she saw the correlation between the extreme congestion and the progression from inflammation and she thought “Why not take out the congestion and forestall future breakouts?” She then had a steam table built because she felt that steamers traditionally used in salons were not adequate. The skin needed to be wet, warm and soft to extract every whitehead, cyst, and blackhead from the skin without harm or damage. The results were amazing. Thus our treatment was born .

An image of the herbal steaming process that is used when receiving deep pore cleansing facials at TS Skin Care in Orlando


In 1997 Gail returned from Mexico and decided to open another boutique skin care salon. In January 1998, Gail, with the help of her sister, Mary Kent (author, graphic artist, photographer), opened Tamahra’s Secret in our present location. A true labor of love, Gail has dedicated the last 25 years to finding the best possible treatment for acne that is both natural and effective. Tamahra’s Secret started with one employee, Gail, and now we have 12 employees. We recently expanded and now have six treatment rooms. In 2018, Gail’s daughter and current owner, Caroline, rebranded to TS Skin Care. TS Skin Care sells its products to other salons, spas, and doctors’ offices around the country.