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What Clients Say


What Clients Say

Lisa is a gem! Always down to help me out when I am in desperate need of an extraction! I had the pleasure of meeting Astrid this Tuesday. She fit me in when I really needed it and she works wonders. Always recommended to my friends and family’s. Thank you ladies!

Terri W.5-Star Google Review

Had a great 2 hour session with Astryd! Worth the price! My face has never been so clear! She is an extraction expert! I loved the herbal steam sessions the most! So relaxing! I bought their skincare line and am loving it so far. I got the manuka honey oil. I already eat pretty healthy and ditched dairy ages ago so results may vary. I also went for the free follow up and she did some extractions and checked to see how my face was doing. I’m moving to NC but will still be flying down here just for my facials. Lucky I found her before I left.

Karina R.5-Star Google Review

Great experience! I’ve been going here for almost 3 years and have loved it. Fantastic customer service, personalized care, and you leave feeling amazing. They take time to take personal notes, discuss habits, learn about you as an individual, and go over routines to make sure clients only see success. Major results seen over time so stick with it!! It is pricey, especially if you invest in products, but 100% worth it in the long run.

Ellory J.5-Star Google Review

Service and product were both very good. Astryd was great, she was very thorough and made the experience easy. The session, changed diet and skin care routine are showing results.

Navin K.5-Star Google Review

Very comfortable and luxurious looking. Great skin care and fabulous staff. Nice and relaxing atmosphere, everything is effective, natural, and fairly priced. The service is great and all the products are great.😍👍🏽👍🏽

Jadah W.5-Star Google Review

Excellent experience! Astryd is very thorough in the process and is very knowledgeable when talking about how diet affects acne. Very happy with the progress so far.

Trevor C.

I cannot say enough amazing things about TS Skin Care… I tried everything for months and NOTHING helped… Between using their products and keeping up with treatments, my skin has completely changed. I no longer suffer terrible breakouts, my skin is never dry and the best part- I do not have to wear makeup to cover blemishes! I am confident in my bare skin and that is the most amazing feeling!

Chloe C.
Chloe C.5-Star Google Review

Throughout the past few years while battling cystic acne my dermatologist never spent the time to ask me any of the questions Astryd did.  From that moment I knew this acne treatment was going to be different because she cared and wanted to help. Between the extraction facials and the products, I have seen a full turn around in my skin…. I cannot rave and praise them enough.  I am now a TS Skin Care customer for life!

Jessica C.Orlando, FL

I’m an Esthetician and I always like to take care of my skin. Especially because I always had a problem with acne as a teenager…. I’m forever grateful that I have a place like TS Skin Care to come to to treat my skin.  My skin is glowing now and I no longer break out with cystic acne. Their products are amazing!  High quality natural products that really work without drying the skin and causing more breakouts.  There is no other place like this for skin care.

Indrid I.5-Star Yelp Review

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing of an experience I received at TS Skin Care. Lisa took care of me in such a genuine way. I broke out due to a dairy and processed sugar allergy… and Lisa sourced it , educated me on my skin and extracted every painful cystic spot I had…  I am a forever believer in their natural products as well…. Ts Skin Care is one of Orlando’s hidden gem for sure!!!

Adrianne L.5-Star Yelp Review

This place is certainly pricey; but well worth it in my opinion. LISA is amazing. Totally recommend going to her. She’s easy to talk to, has gentle hands and explains what she is doing and WHY she is doing it, so you thoroughly understand their facial process. The building is immaculately clean and parking is always readily available.

Amy E.5-Star Yelp Review

I went in for a free consultation and met Astryd who was absolutely amazing. She didn’t judge, she was extremely nice, and really new her profession and products well. After the consultation I booked my session and the rest was just pure pampering after that. I highly recommend visiting TS Skin if you want to know a little more on how you can take care of your skin, a facial, acne related problems, you name it! They are extremely professional from the moment you enter and are greeted by the receptionist.

Chloe Q.

TS Skin Care is phenomenal at what they do, I came in with the goal of clearing up a flare up and that is exactly what was accomplished. Erica was super friendly and understanding of what I wanted, the treatment went exceptionally well with minimal pain. The results were more than I could ask for. Thank you!

Jessica C.5-star Yelp Review

This place is amazing and totally worth the investment! I have never left a Yelp review before, but needed to because of my experience today. I saved up for a facial with Jane and it has been the best money I have spent in a long time! Kim was great to set up an appointment with and patiently asked me questions to figure out the appointment length that I would need. And Jane truly believes in a holistic view to health and skincare, and she went through my intake questionnaire and asked specific questions before we event got started.

Throughout the session she was patient and determined to give me thorough extractions that my face really needed. There was only mild discomfort when dealing with issues along my chin, and she got out some serious milia! Most importantly, Jane talked me through every step, explaining what was about to happen.

I can’t explain how amazing and well-taken care of I feel, and I will definitely return when I’m back in Orlando. I don’t deal with acne anymore, but my face was feeling dull and congested, and now I’m happy to say that everything is clean and feels fantastic.

Pri E.5-Star Yelp Review

Today I had my first experience getting a facial. Erica took care of me and she is AMAZING.  It was such a great experience, she is so knowledgeable and sweet. Love it. Will be back with her in 3 months. With skin looks and feel so beautiful!!!!!! Thanks Erica

Mari S.5-Star Yelp Review

It has been a couple of years since my last visit and I’m glad I took the time to come back for a facial!  My skin has been problematic for the past couple of months and I can’t wait for the results of this facial. I’ve decided this time to try the products and make up too! I’ll update my review with results. Stay tuned!

Mandy R.5-Star Yelp Review

Best place you can go for skincare.  Lisa is the best.  I started going here in my teens, as a recommendation from my mother’s friend, when I had really bad acne.  It was as pleasant of an experience as you can get for acne extraction.  This method works and left me with absolutely no scarring.  It is also great knowing you’re taking a more natural route for acne care.  I made sure I had Lisa for every appointment, and she was always so pleasant and educated me a lot on skincare and how important diet is for your skin as well.  I haven’t been for an appointment in over 5 years and really only get acne around my time of the month or have a couple of days of eating unhealthy.  Even though I went in only expecting acne extractions, TSecret and Lisa are the reason I changed my diet/lifestyle around to a much more healthy one that has stuck with me since because of what a drastic difference it has made in my skin/energy/mood.  As they say, you get the best acne treatment results when you do the extractions AND improve your diet.  It was expensive and the extraction part of your facials can be painful, but oh so worth it.  I’d love to still be a client, but they helped my skin so much I don’t need it!  Forever grateful for TSecret!

Alexandra M.5-Star Yelp Review

I have yet to find a solution for my acne- until I came to T secret. I LOVE all of the products and I’m huge on what goes into my skin; I have tried a plethora of products over the years and t secrets products never burn or hurt as they are 100% natural, something you don’t find in your neighborhood drugstore. My first visit was in December and I’ve gone one month every since- I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin the money is worth it because you get what you pay for- couldn’t ask for anything better!! I am so picky about what I spend my money on and I never regret it with T secret!! Amazing result and amazing products without a doubt

Maria F.5-Star Yelp Review

I have had tons of Milia underneath my skin for years and it was something I felt so self conscious about. I’ve gone to multiple dermatologists and all I’ve ever been recommended was a highly acidic exfoliator that was so expensive basically burnt my skin and didn’t even touch my milia. I was so frustrated one day with the texture underneath my skin I decided to research milia treatments and see if there was anything else out there. TS Skin Care came up on my search and I saw they extracted milia and I made an appointment immediately. My master aesthetician was Astryd and I went in for a deep pore cleansing treatment. I was super nervous and explained my concerns to her, she made me feel so comfortable and let me tell you.. she is a MASTER at her job and is absolutely amazing! She spent 4 hours extracting every single tiny milia bump from my skin and a week later I’m healed the texture underneath my skin is completely GONE! My skin is SO smooth I can’t stop looking at it. I also love every product she used on me I purchased the product line and I am so in love with it! I’ve never had such amazing skin in my life and she seriously changed my confidence! I highly recommend trusting Astryd and TS Skincare with your skin, you won’t regret it!

Nikki G.5-Star Google Review

I have tried every acne treatment under the sun and not a single thing worked until I came to TS skin care. A week after my appointment with Astryd my skin is better than it has been in years. The treatment showed immediate improvement and the products work amazing! I’ve recommended them to all of my friends.

Abby B.5-Star Google Review