Skin Detox


A professional grade de-incrustation cream, designed for use before extraction-based facials. Brings congestion to surface and softens oil plugs. Skin Detox also works great as a natural healing and moisture-barrier cream, perfect for minor burns, rashes, dermatitis, ingrowns, razor bumps, chapped lips, dry cuticles, tattoo healing, and other similar concerns.



What is it?
Based on the homeopathic principal of using oil to dissolves oil, this product is recommended for occasional use at home with clients that experience cystic acne. Several days to one week before a scheduled treatment, Skin Detox will help draw cysts towards surface of the skin and make extraction easier. Not recommended for prolonged use or wear during exposure to sunlight.

Product Benefits

  • Softens sebaceous material and facilitates easier extractions
  • Provides slip to prevent bruising and breaking of the skin during treatment
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Cruelty free & all-natural ingredients

Key Ingredients
camphor ingredient high-light


Provides soothing relief while being rich with antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help support healing from a variety of skin ailments while also reducing the appearance of scarring which is already present. A 2015 study of camphor’s effects show it is also effective in treating damage from ultraviolet lights, as well as supporting the production of collagen.
Pharmaceutical-grade petrolatum

Pharmaceutical-grade Petrolatum

Has been used to protect and moisturize the skin since the late 1800s. Petrolatum penetrates only the superficial layer of the skin and is not absorbed into the body. This helps seal your skin with a water-protective barrier to promote healing and protect against dehydration.
Hamamelis ingredient highlight


Useful in the treatment of acne, due to its ability to stop bleeding and promote proper healing of the epidermis. It also exhibits powerful anti-inflammatory effects by acting on free radicals in your skin cells. Studies suggest hamamelis may also improve elasticity, hydration, and softness in the outer layer of skin.
How to Use
pore by pore extractions

By aesthetician recommendation

Occasionally recommended for at home use for clients who experience cystic acne. Typically recommended to use several days to one week before a scheduled treatment to help draw cysts towards surface of the skin. It is not recommended for prolonged use. 

    1. Scoop pea size amount and warm on fingers.
    2. Massage thoroughly on to face and neck. An Ionic Spritzer/Mineral Freshener is not necessary.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 2.25 in