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Organic Turkish Rose Hydrosol


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Uplifting for the spirit. Organic Turkish Rose imported from Turkey. True distilled Rose Hydrosol is refreshing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, hydrating, suitable for sensitive or dry skin. 2 fl oz. Can be used before cleansing or after applying creams, and throughout the day for a refreshing spritz for added hydration! Safe to use around eyes.

Use to emulsify Hand and Body Lotion for an extra hydrating treat after the shower!

2 reviews for Organic Turkish Rose Hydrosol

  1. arj9687

    TS Skin Care gave out the Turkish Rose Hydrosol for free when I picked up an online purchase I had made, and it has become a staple in my skin care routine. It’s the SMELL for me, and the cooling effect. It’s ritualistic in a way that makes me feel purified and cleansed, and I love it SO much. I never cared for the smell of rose because usually to me it smells chemically, but this is 100% pure and natural. Highly recommend :)

  2. Allison J

    I am obsessed with this stuff!! I got multiple bottles so I could carry one in my purse and now my friends are always asking for my “rose spritz.” It’s so soothing and hydrating which makes it perfect for the heat in the hot months and dryness in the cooler months. Plus when I use this to emulsify my Best Cream, it just makes my skin SO smooth and perfect in the morning!!!

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