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Carrot Calendula Cleanser


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A gentle, make-up dissolving bi-phase cleanser that is perfect for normal, dry or sensitive skin. Rich in Vitamin A this oil based cleanser protects the skin’s acid mantle and provides anti-aging benefits.

Best results when used as part of our skincare system with Ionic Spritzer or Mineral Freshener and 100% cotton wraps.


What is it?

This silky, soothing cleanser is our most effective product for removing makeup, dirt, and environmental pollutants. Meant to be used with 100% Cotton Wraps, it removes waterproof eye makeup while still being gentle enough for daily use. Carrot Calendula Cleanser is best suited for dry and sensitive complexions, which benefit from carrot oil’s ability to soften the outermost layer of skin and improve elasticity.

Full List of Ingredients

Organic jojoba oil, organic almond oil, organic calendula oil, distilled water, organic distillate of hamamelis (witch-hazel), organic orange blossoms, organic chamomile infused in almond oil, organic carrot oil CLR, organic grapefruit seed extract.

Product Benefits

  • Removes dirt, grime, and other pollutants
  • Dissolves even waterproof makeup
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Cruelty free & all-natural ingredients
Key Ingredients
carrot seed oil ingredient highlight

Carrot Oil CLR

A rich source of beta carotene, known to bring a healthy glow to the complexion. Essential oils derived from its seed are full of antioxidants that increase cell turnover and combat free radical damage. Carrot oil CLR also helps to restore moisture without clogging pores.

Calendula Flowers Ingredient Highlight

Calendula Flowers

Derived from marigold (calendula) flowers and used to improve skin’s firmness and hydration, by stimulating collagen production. It is also rich with antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage and help to speed up recovery rate. Naturally occurring SPF is found in calendula, providing protection against new wrinkles and fine line forming.

Almond oil ingredient highlight

Sweet Almond Oil

Because it is rich with Vitamin E, Almond Oil helps support the skin’s natural defenses from UV radiation damage. Omega-3 fatty acids are also present, which dissolve excess oil in the pores and supports healthy cell turnover. Almond oil is also a rich source of Vitamin A, which helps protect against breakouts while smoothing fine lines from sun damage.

How to Use

Morning and Evening Routine

Use with 100% Cotton Wraps and Ionic Spritzer or Mineral Freshener during morning and evening skincare routine.

    1. Shake cleanser to mix.
    2. Place cotton square over the top of cleanser bottle, hold firmly, and turn over.
    3. Repeat 6-8 times, moving around the cotton pad to saturate and making sure product soaks to the bottom side.
    4. Spray the face 12-14 times with Ionic Spritzer or Mineral Freshener.
    5. Use firm, circular motions to cleanse. Unwrap and refold the cotton as products are absorbed into skin.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 2 × 2 in

Lipoguard, No Additives, Sebum Reducer, Skin Lightener


Full Size, Travel Size

6 reviews for Carrot Calendula Cleanser

  1. Chanel Anderson

    Another one of my favorite products! I have very sensitive, irritated, dry skin. Being this is all natural it is not irritating to my skin if anything it has helped tremendously! I love using their cotton wraps w/ this. You can literally see how this cleansing product pulls the dirt, makeup or whatever else from your face!

    I also love the travel size in this!

  2. Mary Regenstreif

    This product is excellent. I would have never thought putting oil on my face would clean it, but I was wrong. My skin has never looked better and brighter. I did not know the cause of my issue was dryness – I have been stripping it down to get it “squeaky clean” and this was adding to the problem.

  3. Arianna

    Carrot Calendula Cleanser is the best cleanser for dry, sensitive skin that I have ever tried. I have rosacea, so normally my skin is very irritated and inflamed. Carrot Cleanser is the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t make my skin feel dryer and more irritated. I actually feel kind of hydrated after cleansing! Highly recommend the whole cleansing system – who knew using water from the tap was so bad for your skin?

  4. Bre

    I wear the Custom Blended Foundation which is amazing and stays on forever. Naturally, I need a cleanser that’s going to remove every trace and NOTHING works like Carrot Calendula Cleanser! Not only does it remove my makeup, it’s super gentle on my sensitive acne-prone skin. I use it with my Ionic Spritzer and I can’t say enough good things!

  5. Jennifer A

    I can’t say enough good things about this cleanser! My skin is on the more dry side and can be sensitive as well, any cleanser I used before just left my skin stripped and irritated. I was hesitant to try it as I am acne prone but this changed my skin so much!!! My breakouts are significantly smaller and less painful than before, my skin feels so much more supple and healthy than it ever did using products from my dermatologist. I use the whole cleansing system with the ionic spritzer and cotton and I’ll never go back to harsh cleansers, thank you TS!!

  6. Mary Sartain (verified owner)

    I purchased this in the travel size and liked it so much, I just bought the full bottle. I use it with the cotton pad that is sold here as well.

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