Gail - Founder and VP of Manufacturing

Gail Kent, MBA, LE

Founder & VP of Manufacturing

Gail holds a BA from the University of South Florida, which led her to become the Corporate Treasurer and Comptroller at Hialeah Racetrack in South Florida for 8 years while pursuing her MBA at Florida International University. After finishing her master’s program, she moved to Chicago where she worked for ADP, and then relocated with her husband to Mexico City in 1986, where she focused her work on skin care product formulations and perfecting her facial techniques. Years later, after her return to the states in 1997, Gail graduated from Florida College of Natural Health to continue dedicating her time to be a licensed, board-certified esthetician. She then opened TS Skin Care (formerly Tamahra’s Secret/TSecret) in January 1998. She has been involved with the company ever since!

Gail spends a lot of her time conducting research on raw materials and formulations for new products for the business and her clients. Her passions are skin care and teaching others what she has learned over the years. Because of this, Gail trains every single one of her estheticians prior to their start with us, and even gives classes to other estheticians looking to learn more about acne and the “art of extractions”.

Gail loves the hands-on role she plays at TS Skin Care, from acne treatments and product manufacturing, to her close relationship with her co-workers and clients. In her free time, Gail enjoys spending time with her daughter, Caroline, who serves as our CEO. She also likes going on walks with her two toy poodles, Bailey and Lady.

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