Carolyn Rivas

Carolyn Rivas


Carolyn is an accomplished esthetician with a deep passion for skincare and a strong background in chemistry. Her dream of formulating innovative skincare products led her to pursue a Chemistry major and obtain her esthetician license, allowing her to blend scientific knowledge with aesthetics.

With a Chemistry major, she has a solid scientific foundation to understand skincare ingredients and their effects on the skin. Carolyn has contributed significantly to skincare research, utilizing bioinformatics in a project on ‘Identifying SNPs in the Tyrosinase (melanin) Gene and Its Relation to Pigmentation Diseases.’ She is eager to continue her contributions to skincare research.

Apart from skincare formulation, she excels in waxing and sugaring techniques, ensuring precision and comfort for her clients during hair removal treatments. Carolyn’s passion for chemistry, skincare formulation, research dedication, and hair removal expertise make her a versatile esthetician ready to offer exceptional skincare services and personalized solutions.

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