Jane Johnson - Acne Specialist

Jane Johnson, BA

Aesthetics Training Director

After almost 2 decades in the corporate business world in HR and Employee Development, Jane decided on a change in career upon moving to Florida.

Jane graduated from the FL College of Natural Health and quickly rose to Senior-level Aesthetician on the TS Skin Care team after 5 years of specialization in waxing and custom-blend makeup, in addition to her vast knowledge on gut health, acne, and deep pore treatments. After her 8th year with the team in 2020, Jane retired from performing services, but now dedicates her time as our Aesthetics Training Director, overseeing and playing a hands-on role in training, developing, and educating our newest aestheticians on our staff during their 6 month training process. Welcome back, Jane!

Contact info

  • 407.999.5008