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Join Our Team


TS Skin Care Code of Ethics

1. Be passionate about natural skin care.

Remember our core values and belief in holistic skin care and healing in all your dealings with team members and clients – especially with all client recommendations.

2. Think like a team player.

How can you help your team members do their best and enjoy their work? Celebrate team successes, be open minded to new ideas, and maintain a positive attitude for open communication.

3. Be a sponge.

Learn from everyone around you constantly seeking new information. Share what you know, research what you do not know.

4. Deliver exceptional customer service to every single client.

Be genuine, caring, and know your clients by name. Never allow anyone to walk out of our doors unhappy by taking a personal responsibility to deliver on your promises and meet your clients’ expectations.

5. Simplify & organize.

Keep all physical and electronic files organized. Always save your work to a well thought out Dropbox location. Get rid of duplicate or outdated files. Always update key company documents with changes. Discard both physical and electronic clutter.

6. Inspect what you expect.

Don’t assume delegated tasks or projects will be completed as expected. Regularly follow-up on tasks and client files to ensure delivery of expected results.

7. Learn daily.

Stay current with industry periodicals and new trends. Stay up to date with technological updates, especially to new features and improvements in social media platforms we use regularly.

9. Be present.

Focus on the client in front of you. Focus on the person on the other end of the phone line. Focus on the task at hand.

10. Always do the RIGHT thing.

Admit mistakes, be kind, always be completely honest.


On Wednesday, August 21st, TS Skin Care partnered with the College Park Neighborhood Association to host our Gallery Night event supporting local artists and the Forgotten Women Project. The community celebration included entertainment, live art demonstrations, art sales, beauty bar, and complimentary food and beverages!

Our Mission

All team members are empowered and expected to ensure clients are satisfied with the treatment they received. TS Skin Care expects team members to use their best judgment to ensure clients’ needs are being met, regardless of what it takes. The goal is to always have a happy client no matter what.

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Team Bonding

The TS Skin Care team join College Park Yoga for an incredible group yoga class!

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